Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Catch a Tumbleweed

                                     (captured Tumbleweed, Desiderata, doing some "light" reading)

If you're a close friend of mine and you're reading this, then you know all about my obsession with tumbleweed and my appointed mission to come home with one when I return from my trip to the mid-west of Canada (there's an empty space on our office wall waiting for a tumbleweed).No easy task, especially at this time of year, when prime tumbleweed roaming season is from August to November, if that.So I knew my best chance of finding one was during my drive from Regina to Saskatoon today. I set out at noon and drove along Highway 11 North. 

I literally went back and forth with my eyes-glancing one second at the road ahead of me, to ensure I didn't kill anyone with my erratic driving, and then another second, searching along the vast fenceline that followed the Highway, for a glimpse of tumbleweed. The weather was beautiful today too-I was in a t-shirt and a scarf-YEAH! There were patches along the highway that had no snow, puddles, or a thick layer of snow. I thought I saw one along one section of the fence so I pulled the car over and got out. Armed in my cream eskimo-like boots (I had been forewarned to wear boots and to beware of the ditches), I set out through a section of snow, thinking it couldn't be deeper than my ankles-haha, I ended up in snow up to my knees. Not the tumbleweed for me. I also saw a few "dead/flattened" tumbleweeds along this section. My gut said to keep moving-the tumbleweed for me was still out there somewhere.

I got back in the car and started driving again-I came across a town called Chamberlain and I HAD to stop because there was this cute wrought-iron piece that I had to take a picture of. And what happened was what I have come to call the Waterfalls and Walmart effect (That's a story from New Brunswick that I will have to tell you another day). I stopped because something engaged me-I have some pictures of the piece that I'll post later- and what did I see when I turned around after taking the picture? A TUMBLEWEED!!! I could barely contain the rush of excitement I was feeling! It was nestled amongst some shrubs, and must have taken shelter there-how else to explain the fact that it hadn't been crushed by snow and the harsh elements? I walked back to the car, holding it with both hands, marvelling at my good fortune, when I looked up and saw a truck driver looking on as I put it in the trunk.

Hmm.....some things are honestly beyond explanation. If nothing else, I have furthered the mandate of my "Where do tumbleweed go in the Winter" facebook group-I have created more affection for the tumbleweed here in Saskatchewan. Seen as a nuisance by locals I have talked to, they now see the tumbleweed through more loving eyes. I even had someone in Regina take my address and promise to send me a tumbleweed next time she saw one because she was so taken by my obsession with tumbleweeds.God, I love being Canadian. 

Check out the Tumbleweed in a Box guys:http://www.tumbleweedinabox.com/

(Archived from a Facebook note, March 11, 2007)

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