Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Walmarts & Waterfalls

Or: Lesson Number One in Learning how to trust the Universe. Any procrastinators out there? That's exactly when insipiration for these notes hit me-when I have something pressing that I should be doing. The internet at my hotel leaves much to be desired so I find myself at a Java Express (love them) and taking advantage of the wireless internet so that I can do work in an hour, rather than three hours back at the hotel.So I talked about the Walmarts (I know that just the mention of this store makes some people gag-so my apologies for that, but hopefully u can get past that and see through to the wee parable in this note) and Waterfalls effect in my last note and I thought that now is the perfect time to write about that special experience that I had mentally catalogued almost two years ago. Of course my diary knows about it, but that's really about it (may have mentioned it in passing to another person...hmmm, can't remember). Anyhow, the point of this is that I will always count this experience as one of the turning points in my life.

I had recently been laid off (read freed from the workplace from HELL. I am dead serious-I worked for a woman who clearly had no soul and was out for blood from anyone who showed signs of soulfulness. I may be biased, but I'm entitled, this is MY note). It was early July and I had the whole summer ahead of me-somewhat paid at that. I had been wanting to do a road trip out to the East Coast for two years (mostly to see if Jadoo, my 89 VW Jetta, could make it). So one Saturday, soon after I was laid off, at 1pm, I decided that I was going to do it.
By 4pm that very day I was ready to go (packed, renewed my expired CAA, fed Jadoo all of the necessary fluids) and set off. Trois-Pistoles was actually my initial destination-I wanted to re-visit the place where I did the Summer Language Bursary Program ( a french immersion program) back in 1996. To prevent this note from becoming a novel, allow me to fast forward to some point after I decided that Halifax was my end destination and that I was going to visit my buddy Charmee there! So I am somewhere past Florenceville, New Brunswick (the french fry capital of the world, in case you were wondering), a place with a really beautiful covered bridge, when I realized that I would be needing oil pretty soon.I am partial to a particular synthetic oil that I can only get at Walmart so needed to find one soon (I know, I didn't plan THAT well). I actually got quite anxious about it, but decided to keep going, and trusted that I would find what I needed. Being a lover of waterfalls, I saw a sign on the Highway that indicated there was a waterfall nearby. I took the exit and set off to find it. I got lost at one point and stopped at a shop to get directions to the waterfall. With the directions in hand, I headed out again. And what did I find just a stone's throw from the waterfall? A Walmart. I could not believe my luck.

So I guess you can figure out the moral of this story. Leap and the net will appear-I first heard that from Dini Petty at an International Women's Day event a few years back (she wasn't the original source though) and thought it was such a brave perspective. More importantly I followed my heart's desire that day and it lead me to what I needed. I felt the same experience when I found my tumbleweed a few days ago. So for all of our anxiety about and our efforts to affect the outcome of a situation, sometimes we just need to let go and trust in life a little more. Since then, circumstance has thrown a few more of these lessons my way, and I willingly accept them and work at trusting the path that is unfolding for me. I've had too many good things happen, almost effortlessly, for this not to be one of my personal truths.Is it one of yours? Any challenges to this? Let's debate!It's late, I can't put off my expenses anymore. Peace Out. Until the next note....this is totally addictive.
(archived from a Facebook note, March 14, 2007)

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